We stock a wide range of decorative aggregates, limestones, slates and gravels. These are stocked in large “bulk bags” weighing approximately 850kg, and in “medium bags” weighing between 20-25kg. The majority of the range is kept in stock all the time, other items are normally available within 48 hours.

It is very difficult to accurately reproduce the colour and texture of decorative aggregates with a photograph on a website or in a catalogue. All the decorative aggregates that we stock are on display at both our branches in Sheffield (see addresses on our home page) and we strongly recommend that customers view the actual product before making a purchase. We can also supply you with a sample if required.


A “bulk bag” will cover an approximate area of six square metres at a depth of 75mm. Three “medium bags” will cover an area of approximately one square metre at a depth of 50mm.

If you would like help with coverage rates, please email sales@pagets.co.uk telling us the area you wish to cover, the depth you would like to lay the aggregate to, and whether your measurements are in imperial or metric units, and we will let you know how much you need and how much it will cost. Please note that our measurements are a guide only.

Bagged Decorative Aggregates


Clean Derbyshire Limestone 6mm


Clean Derbyshire Limestone 10mm


Clean Derbyshire Dove Grey Limestone 20mm


Clean Derbyshire Dove Grey Limestone 40mm

cotswold cream limestone

Clean Cotswold Cream Limestone 20mm


Clean Pea Gravel 10mm


Clean Pea Gravel 20mm


Plum Slate 40mm


Blue Slate 40mm


Green Slate 40mm


Trent Gravel 10mm


Trent Gravel 20mm

Golden_Gravel 10mm

Golden Flint Gravel 10mm

Golden_Gravel 20mm

Golden Flint Gravel 20mm


Silver Grey Granite 14mm


Green Granite 14mm


Red Quartzite / Granite 14mm

Contact us for a quote & to order

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Golden_Gravel 10mm

Apricot 16mm


Flamingo 20mm


Polar White 8-11m


Moonstone 20mm


Horticultural Grit 1-5mm


Black Basalt 10mm


Lydd Pearl /Oyster 20mm

black ice

Black Ice 14-20mm


Play Bark


Decorative Bark Chippings

Bulk Loose Tipped Decorative Aggregates

Pagets are able to supply bulk loads of many of these decorative aggregates: This is often the most economical way to order these products if you require 10 tonnes or more. BUT please be aware that bulk aggregates are delivered on large quarry tipper lorries, they require adequate access, there must be enough room for them to reverse and tip their large load, and then you the customer will have the responsibility of moving the material to wherever you want it-this can prove to be very labour intensive.

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