We stock a wide range of accessories for use on landscaping projects.

Sika Brick & Patio Cleaner 5L-General purpose acid based cleaning solution for brickwork, concrete, paving.

Patio Wizard Concentrate 5L-Kills algae, green growth, mould & fungi on paths, patios & hard surfaces

Salt Away 1L & 5L-Removes salt and efflorescence from bricks, stone & concrete.

Oil Away 1L & 5L-Removes oil, petrol, diesel, grease from driveways, garages, car parks.

Concrete Hardener & Dustproofer 403 5L-Hardens & dustproofs new & old concrete floors, internal & external

Sika Water Repel 5L-Protects against rainwater penetration on concrete, brick, stone & masonry.

Doff Glyphosphate Concentrated Weedkiller 1L-General Purpose Weedkiller

Doff Glyphosphate Spray Weedkiller 1L-General Purpose Weedkiller

Liquid Weather Brick Tint 50ml, 500ml, 2.5L-Brick tinting solution that darkens & weathers brickwork.

Line Marking Spray Paint 700ml-Available in four colours, Red, Yellow, Blue & White. For contractors/surveyors site use. Other colours available to special order.

Grass Grid Ground Reinforcement – a black plastic, interlocking honeycomb lattice, 330x330x40mm in size, that is laid on stable ground, and can be filled with gravel, stones etc and will withstand pedestrians or vehicles. There are approximately 9 tiles per square metre.

Gabion Baskets – available in various sizes for landscaping and retaining purposes. Are supplied flat packed for easy assembling on site.

Gabion Stones – Available in large bulk bags, approx. 850kg in weight, 150/100mm Limestone for use in gabion baskets.

Weedcheck Ultra Weed Control – a heavy duty membrane for use under flower beds, aggregate areas, decking, artificial grass etc, but not suitable for traffic areas. Various size rolls available.

Groundcheck Extra Weed Control – a heavy duty membrane for use under drives, patios, flower beds, aggregate areas, decking, artificial grass etc, that can be used in traffic areas. Various size rolls available.

Woven Geotextile-A separation, filtration & stabilisation membrane for patios, drives, paved areas, aggregate areas, land drains etc. Supplied in 4.5m wide x 100m long rolls.

Stratacheck Stabilising & Drainage Membrane  – available in various size rolls. Can also be used to wrap soakaway crates.

Barbed Ground Pegs – a pack of 30, 160mm long, plastic barbed pegs for securing geotextiles and membranes

Landscaping Tools – A wide range of tools are available for use in landscaping-rakes, shovels, hole diggers, earth rammers, pins, diamond blades, trowels, levels etc. Please contact us for details.

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