Decorative concrete paving products are factory made using natural aggregates and pigments.

Pagets have several suppliers of decorative concrete paving, notably Bradstone, Stonemarket and Acheson Glover and we can supply any of their ranges. We also stock a range of products from their catalogues as follows:

Bradstone Old Riven Paving (Autumn Bronze, Autumn Cotswold, Autumn Gold, Autumn Silver)

Old Riven is the perfect paving solution when you want a patio that’s easy on the eye and easy on the pocket. You can enjoy a stylish looking patio, without having to worry about exceeding your budget. Old Riven is available in a number of shades, sizes in full packs of:

  • 600 x 600mm – with 29 slabs per pack, covering 10.79 sqm
  • 600 x 300mm – with 87 slabs per pack, covering 16.45 sqm
  • 300 x 300mm – with 87 slabs per pack, covering 8.36 sqm
  • 600 x 450mm – with 58 slabs per pack, covering 16.30 sqm
  • 450 x 450mm – with 58 slabs per pack, covering 12.30 sqm
  • 300 x 450mm – with 87 slabs per pack, covering 12.40 sqm

Autumn Bronze


Autumn Cotswold


Autumn Silver


Autumn Gold

Bradstone Textured Paving (Red, Buff, Dark Grey, Light Grey)

Our Textured is available in a range of four colours incorporating fine white limestone chippings to provide a softened appearance rich in aesthetic appeal. Hardwearing enough to retain its good looks throughout the years. Available in full packs of:

  • 450 x 450mm – 40 slabs per pack, covering 8.1 sqm.
  • 600 x 600mm – 20 slabs per pack, covering 7.2 sqm.
  • 600 x 300mm (Buff Only) – 21 slabs per pack, covering 3.8 sqm.
  • 300 x 300mm (Buff Only) – 42 slabs per pack, covering 3.8 sqm.
  • Circle 2.4m (Buff Only) – covering 4.52 sqm.





Dark Grey


Light Grey

Acheson Glover Granaza Paving (Sol, Lux, Umbra)

Granaza flagstones are made with a high content of quality aggregates, including granite and quartz, which gives them an appealing ‘sparkle’ in bright sunlight and a premium appearance that belies their price point. Available in full or half packs of:

  • Full Pack 400 x 400mm – 92 flags per pack, covering 14.72 sqm
  • Half Pack 400 x 400mm – 46 flags per pack, covering 7.36 sqm
  • Full Pack 600 x 300mm – 46 flags per pack, covering 8.28 sqm
  • Half Pack 600 x 300mm – 23 flags per pack, covering 4.14 sqm






Acheson Glover Pedra Paving (Sandstone, Grey, Slate)

Pedra Flagstones are cost effective, hard wearing and feature a distinctive bevelled edge – available in a smooth finish in three rich colours.

Available in full or half packs of:

  • Smooth Flags Full Pack 400 x 400mm – 100 flags per pack, covering 16 sqm
  • Smooth Flags Half Pack 400 x 400mm – 50 flags per pack, covering 8 sqm
  • Smooth Flags Full Pack 600 x 600mm – 25 flags per pack, covering 9 sqm






Stonemarket Yorkstone (Weathered Bronze/Old English/York Buff/Weathered Ochre)

Stonemarket Yorkstone Paving has been widely used in the area in recent years. It is no longer stocked, but is still available to order as the NEXTPave system, in fourt colours and a range of sizes, plus circle kits and squaring off kits.

Please email for more details

Available in:

  • Weathered Bronze
  • Old English
  • York Buff
  • Weathered Ochre

Stonemarket Millstone (Original/Honey Gold/Olde London)

Millstone is no longer stocked as standard, but due to its widespread use in the past it is still available to order in any quantity, in the colours shown, along with the components to construct a circle via

Available in:

  • Original
  • Honey Gold
  • Olde London

Stonemarket Timberstone (Driftwood or Coppice Brown)

Timberstone is made from high strength concrete but offers the appearance of real timber. It is available in two colours and as well as paving the range of components available below allow the construction of raised beds and planters.

Large Sleeper Flag/Medium Sleeper Flag/Sett/Log Stepping Stone/Decking Flag/Corner & Intermediate Post

Acheson Glover Terrapave Ground Flags (Verona/Rimini/Milano)

A premium, natural aggregate flag enhanced with granite chippings, with a smooth ground finish. Three colours are available, they are 50mm thick, and are supplied in two sizes, in full packs as shown.

400 x 400 x 50mm in a Pack of 54 Flags covering 8.64 square metres

600 x 400 x 50mm in a Pack of 36 Flags covering 8.64 square metres







Acheson Glover Canterra Flags (Sahara/Silver/Slate)

A subtle textured flag with a brushed semi-sheen appearance. Three colours are available, they are 40mm thick, and are supplied in two sizes, in full packs as shown.

400 x 400 x 40mm in a Pack of 46 Flags covering 7.36 square metres

600 x 400 x 40mm in a Pack of 23 Flags covering 5.52 square metres







Acheson Glover Manor Stone Flags (Blackwater/Glenarm)

A versatile flag using specially selected aggregates to create an undulating finish. Two colours are available, they are 50mm thick, and are supplied in a mixed size patio pack as shown.

Mixed Size Pack containing 70 flags in 4 sizes, covering 8.4 square metres in total.





Bradstone Carpet Stones (Charcoal, Rustic Red)

The cobbles of this incredibly innovative and ingenious patio paving arrive pre-laid on an underlying flexible mat, which can then be simply cut and shaped with a pair of scissors to fit the requirements of your patio. Simple to interlock, it’s the ideal way to achieve a rustic look for your garden and a perfect solution for awkward shaped patio areas or elaborate designs.

Available in full packs:

  • 1200 x 400mm – with 30 units per pack, covering 14.9 sqm.



Rustic Red

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