If you’re looking for a great way to complete the look of your driveway, patio or path, kerbs are the ideal solution. Available as main blocks, radius and corner units, kerbs effortlessly combine style and practicality, providing both an ideal accompaniment to any block paving and preventing vehicular overrun.

The kerbs come in a range of three colours, charcoal being the most popular, and most of these are kept in stock as Pagets. Red and Brindle kerbs are also available, but by special order – please ask for details. All kerbs are 100mm thick, so allow 10 per linear metre. We also have samples of all the kerbs on our display at our Broadfield Road branch, so you can view them prior to ordering.


Large Kerb


Medium Kerb


Small Kerb


Rumbled Autumn


Rumbled Rustic

rumbled graphite

Rumbled Graphite

Large Kerbs:

Large HB - BN Main Unit

HB/BN Main Unit Large Kerb

Large HB - BN Main Unit 2

HB/BN Main Unit Large Kerb

Large HB - BN Main Unit 3

HB/BN Main Unit Laid Flat Large Kerb

HB Internal radial LK

HB Internal Radial Block LK/A

BN upright internal radial LK

BN Upright Internal Radial Block LK/BI

BN upright internal radial LK

BN Upright External Radial Block

HB External radial LK

HB External Radial Block LK/C

HB upright internal angle

HB Upright Internal Angle LK/D

HB Upright external angle

HB Upright External Angle LK/E

BN Upright internal angle

BN Upright Internal Angle LK/F

HB upright external angle LKG

HB Upright External Angle LK/G

Medium Kerbs:

Medium kerb main unit

Main Unit Medium Kerb

Small Kerbs:

Small kerb main unit

Main Unit Small Kerb

External angle small kerb

External Angle Small Kerb

External radius small kerb

External Radius Small Kerb

Internal angle small kerb

Internal Angle Small Kerb

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