We stock natural stone and reconstituted stone walling, suitable for both landscaping and housing projects. We can also supply complimentary copings and pier caps for garden walling. A range of easy to install retaining walls are also now available to order.

Anstone Reconstituted Stone Walling

Anstone walling is a cost effective alternative to natural stone. All of the products are through-coloured, and may be dressed on site to suit individual requirements, while retaining the original colour and texture. There are three types of finish, Split, Pitched, and Cottage. Each finish is then available in a selection of colours.

Some of the more popular colours are kept in stock, others are available to order in full packs only (approx 5-6 square metres in most packs)


Split Finish – the most cost effective type of finish, for housing & landscaping

Pitched Finish – a rugged effect in which each block has a raised centre, similar to a quarry dressed stone

Cottage Finish – a rough irregular shape which replicates stone traditionally walled in its quarried state

Split Finish

Pitched Finish

Cottage Finish



Black Old Weathered

Brown Old Weathered

Borders Red

Olde Heather Gold

Olde Steel Grey

Olde Heather Black

Regency Buff


Course Height 65mm

Course Height 140mm

Course Height 215mm

Natural Stone Walling

If you require natural stone then please contact us. There are a wide range of stone types and colours, and availability depends on the performance required, the location, and the amount needed.

Copings & Pier Caps

Many different options are available when you require copings or pier caps to complete a garden wall. Sizes vary, but copings tend to have a width to suit either a single skin or double skin wall. Size of pier caps depends on the size of your pillar.

Flat Textured Copings in Buff and Grey

Apex Peaked Copings in Buff and White/Light Grey

Natural Stone Coping/Edging in Raj Blend

Anstone Flat Copings in Buff & Black Old Weathered

Apex Peaked/Pyramid Pier Caps in Buff and White/Light Grey

In addition to the above, many of our paving slabs can be used as copings and/or pier caps.

We can also have products made to order from wet cast or dry cast stone in a range of colours, styles, and sizes.

Retaining Walls

The Acheson Glover range of retaining walls are easy to build without the need for mortar or cement, and can be used to create robust, attractive beds and walls.

Regal Stone is modern and contemporary in appearance, and the ideal choice when building walls up to 0.9 metre in height. Completely vertical and with a unique and patented locating system that ensure perfect alignment, Regal Stone walls are built with no mortar or concrete and are suitable for both straight and curved retaining walls. The main blocks are 220mm long, 300mm deep, and 150mm high. For estimating purposes, assume approximately 30 blocks per square metre. Corner blocks (187x300x150mm) and caps complete the range.

Regal Walling is available in three colours:

Bayfield can be used to create attractive retaining walls up to 0.9 metre high. With its rough hewn weathered texture, it’s an extremely versatile walling option which can be constructed without the need for mortar. The main blocks are 435mm long, 250mm deep, and 150mm high. For estimating purposes, assume approximately 16 blocks per square metre. Corner/step blocks (435x218x150mm) and caps complete the range.

Bayfield Walling is available in three colours:

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