Manufacturer Price Changes

Pagets believe it is important to pass on this information. Please find below details of the price increases levied by suppliers in 2022. We do not take responsibility for any errors or omissions however, we only report what manufacturers tell us.

IKO Enertherm PIR insulation 01-Jul-22 10%
IKO Enertherm PIR insulation 01-Jun-22 12%
Aggregate Industries UK Ltd  Concrete Products – Bradstone, Charcon and Masterblock 01-Apr-22 8%
Aggregate Industries UK Ltd  Concrete Products – Lightweight Product (incl Ultra)   01-Apr-22 10%
Aggregate Industries UK Ltd  Concrete Products – Bradstone Structural 01-Apr-22 unknown
Interfuse Dense 01-Apr-22 10%
Interfuse Interlyte 01-Apr-22 10%
Interfuse Ultra-Rib 01-Apr-22 15%
Interfuse Optilyte 01-Apr-22 22%
Cromar All products 01-Mar-22 7%
Brett Martin Cascade 14-Feb-22 5%
Brett Martin Twinwall Fittings 14-Feb-22 5%
Brett Martin Ultra-Rib 14-Feb-22 10%
Brett Martin Plasson Fittings 14-Feb-22 10%
Brett Martin Twinwall Pipe 14-Feb-22 10%
Brett Martin All Above and Belowground Fittings 14-Feb-22 15%
Brett Martin All Extruded Pipe and Gutters 14-Feb-22 17%
Brett Martin MDPE Pipe 14-Feb-22 17%
Pavestone Grouts and Primers 07-Feb-22 5%
Pavestone Sealers & Cleaners 07-Feb-22 5%
Pavestone Epoxy jointing Compounds 07-Feb-22 10%
Pavestone Concrete Block Paving 07-Feb-22 11%
Pavestone Porcelain 07-Feb-22 3 – 6%
Pavestone Decorative Concrete Paving and Walling  07-Feb-22 6 – 10%
Pavestone Natural Stone  07-Feb-22 No planned increases currently 
Acheson + Glover (AG) Paving Products 01-Feb-22 9%
Cemex Hydrated Lime 01-Feb-22 Hydrated Lime will increase by £40.50 per tonne
Expament Galvanised & Stainless Steel Bead, Coil, Lath, Riblath & Arch Formers  01-Feb-22 10%
Expament Builders Metalwork 01-Feb-22 13%
Expament Galvanised & Stainless Steel Wallstarters 01-Feb-22 13%
Expament Stainless Steel Wall Ties & Bed Joint Reinforcement 01-Feb-22 14%
Expament uPVC Bead 01-Feb-22 15%
FP McCann  Concrete Products 01-Feb-22 14.01%
Ibstock Bricks 01-Feb-22 9.75%
Libra Aluminium Partitioning on all other products 01-Feb-22 7.50%
Libra Drylining 15% 01-Feb-22 15%
Libra Aluminium Partitioning on 50mm Systems 01-Feb-22 15%
Libra Exposed Ceiling Grid 25% 01-Feb-22 25%
Tarmac Toplite    01-Feb-22 18.50%
Trex Composite Decking 01-Feb-22 19.30%
VELUX sloping roof windows will increase by + 01-Feb-22 10% on average
VELUX flashing kits will increase by + 01-Feb-22 12.2% on average
VELUX flat roof windows will increase by + 01-Feb-22 5.3% on average
VELUX electrical accessories will increase by + 01-Feb-22 6.2% on average
VELUX external shutters will increase by + 01-Feb-22 9.5% on average
VELUX sun tunnels will increase by + 01-Feb-22 9.7% on average
VELUX internal blinds will increase by + 01-Feb-22 9.7% on average
VELUX installation products will increase by + 01-Feb-22 9.9% on average
YBS Superquilt    01-Feb-22 10%
Birtley Birtley Steel Lintels  13-Jan-22 8%
STS STS Construction Board  12-Jan-22 8%
British Gypsum Plasters   Plasters 11-Jan-22 3.95%
ROCKWOOL HVAC products 10-Jan-22 5%
ROCKWOOL FIREPRO® products 10-Jan-22 5%
ROCKWOOL insulation and ancillary products 10-Jan-22 10%
Tarmac Blocks   01-Jan-22 16.3
U Value Insulation    01-Jan-22 6%

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